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05 -May -2016 - 04:26

Harlowton Community News

It’s Amazing What One Little Typo Can Do !

It is amazing what one little letter in our alphabet will do to completely change the meaning of a two page announcement. Just one little letter will turn the word “out” into the word “our” in the case below that little typo completely changes an entire articles meaning.

In this week’s “Times Clarion” Harlowton newspaper, In the editorial section, You will find an article sent into the paper from Councilman Joe Brouillette. in this article Joe lets the town know of a beautification project he is working on for the old State Theater. In his second paragraph he wants to make sure to let everyone know that this project is going to be done completely WITHOUT any city taxpayer funds or WITHOUT any city paid labor from the city work crew.

He wrote the following in the letter he presented to the paper for publication:

Joe- “without taxpayer city funds or city paid labor has designed a covering and beautification project for the State Theater.”

reads pretty simple and straight forward, does it not?

now read what was written in the newspaper:

Joe- “with our taxpayer city funds or city paid labor has designed a covering and beautification project for the state theater.”

Amazing, is it not? That one little word turned from out to our with the letter “r” typo instead of the “t” turned Councilman's Brouillette’s statement and project upside down. After reading the article with this new word who would want to support a project that is being performed on privately owned property using city taxpayer money. It’s just a typo. Project is still the same as you had read about here on this site days ago. We ask that you please spread the word that this was just a typo in the Times Clarion.

NO taxpayer funds will be used by Joe for this project.

It is amazing what one little letter can do!  

Original article on this site can be found here

~Mike Weller

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